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Company introduction

Founded in 2007, Aplus is a company with technical capabilities in design, research and development, working with factories in both Taiwan and China to achieve product manufacturing and accept OEM business from worldwide companies. In short, Aplus is a company that specializes in providing solutions to our customers.

So far, in addition to the LED handrail bracket, the company’s own design and/or patented products include several building hardware and EZ rack clothes hanger. Most of these products are manufactured in Dongguan, China. Manufacturing capabilities include casting and machining (turning and milling) of Zinc and aluminum alloys.

The outsourcing capability includes die casting, lost-wax casting, brass forging, metal stamping/pressing and tubular bending. It is our goal to source and find out right quality, reasonable price and in-time delivery for our customers. Depending on the quality and/or quantity, OEM products are subcontracted to factories in Taiwan and China to meet individual customer needs.

Since its inception, Aplus has been committed to energy conservation and environmentally friendly products to protect the planet. Besides based on the long-term experience and know-how over the years, the company keeps trying to develop more creative products to improve home safety.


Services: OEM,Design house