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Company introduction

Founded in 2007, Aplus Hardware Corp. is a manufacturer of handrail accessories and plumbing OEM parts in Taiwan. Besides, Aplus also acts a new product design house, such as water-saving aerator, LED handrail bracket and EZ rack hanger.

Most own products are made in-house in Dongguan, China. The production and processing capacity includes Casting for zinc and aluminum alloy as well as Machining (turning and milling).

OEM products are sub-contracted to factories in both Taiwan and China, depending on quality and/or volume to meet customer’s special requirements. The outsourcing capability includes die casting, lost-wax casting, brass forging, metal stamping/pressing and tubular bending. It is our goal to source and find out right quality, reasonable price and in-time delivery for our customers.

Aplus has been dedicating to energy- and water-saving products since its inception to protect the earth. Besides, based on the long-term experience and know-how over the years, the company keeps trying to develop more creative products to improve home safety.

services: OEM,Design house