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AR2100S LED Handrail Bracket

LED handrail for Stair -wall mounted type

■ Color:Silver 
■ Body : aluminum alloy Cover, front cover & Lid: ABS resin
■ Battery powered: Alkaline dry battery x 3 (excluded)
■ Battery life: 8~14 months (depends on usage performance)
■ Easy to replace the battery: The specially designed lid switch
makes battery replacement simple and easy.
■ User-friendly: Simple structure, no buttons, no need to set.
■ Excellent load bearing capacity: Exceeds 250kgs.
■ Soft light without dazzling: When used, light does not directly hit the eyes, causing dizzi
ness and discomfort.
■ Emergency lighting: Battery-powered LED handrails provide basic illumination to the user
in the event of a power failure or an earthquake at night.
■ Multinational patent

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