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LED handrail bracket for Corridor LED1000

User-friendly : Simple structure, no buttons, no need to set.
Easy to replace the battery!

■ Body color : Gold, Silver

■ Surface finish : Paint coating

■ Install type : Wall mounted

■ Emitting color : Warm white

■ Switch type : Automatic sensing by light sensor and PIR


■ Detection distance : ≦3m

■ Power supply : AAA alkaline dry battery x 3 (excluded)

■ Battery life : About 8~14months

      (depends on usage performance)

■ Excellent load bearing capacity : Exceeds 250kgs

■ Multinational patent.

■ For other paint colors, please provide a color sample or

     Pantone number.


■ When the periphery is bright, the light sensor will disable the PIR motion

     sensor for working to save power. Or, the light senor will turn on the motion

     sensor to detect motion and switch on/off LED light automatically. The duration

     of lighting time is about 10 seconds when motion is detected.



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