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Rail clothes hanger EZ001

■ Color : Silver(EZ001S)/ White(EZ001W)
■ Main material : Aluminum alloy
■ Surface finish : Anodized
■ Installation : Wall mounted


■ Standard items :

■ Customized size welcomed.

■ Spare hooks available / sold separately.

■ All hooks can be assembled and / or removed quickly and easily.
  Perfect solution for rooms with limited storage space, including         
     entryway, kitchen, closets, and bedrooms.

■ Package : Ea / plain white box (Gift-wrap available)

■ Mounting hardware and installation instructions included.

■ Standard package including wood screws for wooden walls.
 (Screws / anchors are optional for dry walls)

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① How to install the bracket : 

 Select a proper location (height) on the vertical wall to install brackets.

 Mark screw mounting locations on wall, ensure three screw holes are

 As Fig.1 shown, secure the brackets with the self-tapping screws on the   
    wall by a Phillips screwdriver.


② How to install the bar :

   Snap the bar into the brackets by hand as Fig.2 shown.


③ How to install the hooks :

 Put the removal hook on the top of the rack rail and then press toward
 the wall as Fig.3 shown. To take off hook from the rack, just do in
 reverse order.


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