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LED handrail bracket for Stair LED2100

User-friendly : Simple structure, no buttons, no need to set.
Easy to replace the battery!


■ Body color : Gold, Silver

■ Surface finish : Paint coating

■ Install type : Wall mounted

■ Emitting color : Warm white

■ Switch type : Automatic sensing by light sensor and PIR


■ Detection distance : ≦3m

■ Power supply : AAA alkaline dry battery x 3(excluded)

■ Battery life : About 8~14months

     (depends on usage performance)

■ Excellent load bearing capacity : Exceeds 250kgs

■ Multinational patent.

■ For other paint colors, please provide a color sample or

     Pantone number.




■ When the periphery is bright, the light sensor will disable the PIR motion

    sensor for working to save power. Or, the ligh t senor will turn on the motion

    sensor to detect motion and switch on/off LED light automatically. The duration

    of lighting time is about 10 seconds when motion is detected.

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