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Auto Linked LED Wall Light AP7200RF

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Linked LED light are when any body sensor detects motion, all the LED light will be lit at the same time when they receive a signal. When all body sensors no longer detect motion, all LEDs will automatically turn off at the same time after 15 seconds (according to factorysettings).
AP7200RF is suitable for wider corridors and spaces!

■ Power supply : AA alkaline dry battery x 3 (not included)

■ Battery life : About 12 months or more (at 8~10 activations/day)

■ No wiring, easy installation.


● Wireless transmission : Using artificial intelligence, the signal can be
     transmitted between the lights, so that auto linkage effect can be achieved
     without manual.

● Body sensing : When a person approaches, the light will be ON;when     
     leavingthe light will be OFF.

● Wider sensing angle : The angle is added by 25% to improve safety

● Energy saving : When the surrounding light is sufficient, LED will auto go to
     sleep mode to save energy and protect the environment.

● Easy installation : No wiring is required, it can be applied to various places.

● Lighting zones : Each device has 3 channels for different lighting zones, and
     each lighting zone can install up to 64 lights within a radius of 32feet (10m).


★ When the power fails, the LED light can be taken down and used as a     

★ When the power is insufficient, the red low voltage warning light will flash 
     every 3 seconds to remind users to replace the batteries.

★ The light stays on as long as motion is detected within the detection range
     about 1.5 meters. Light automatically turns off after 15 seconds when no
     motion is detected.

★ The Auto Linked LED series wall light is ideal for your corridor, stair,
     bedroom and entrance or any indoor location that needs a light.

★ For other colors, please specify (Pantone number).

★ US Patent No. 10638576B1.



The reason for setting the lighting zone is to avoid that the lighting area has nothing to do with the

direction of travel, so as to save battery power. This device can create up to 3 lighting zones.

The color of the setting button can be divided into blue (factory setting), green and white.

Devices set to the same color can communicate with each other. The lighting zone set by the user will

be retained after the new battery is replaced- NO need to reset.