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Auto Linked LED Wall Light AP7200

For both corridors and stairs!
The battery powered LED wall light is easily installed on a wall, post, or step.

To be released in spring & summer 2020

■ Power supply : C alkaline dry battery x 3 (excluded)

■ Battery life : About 10~14months(depends on usage performance)

■ No wiring, easy installation.


■ Zone lighting can be set : For example, the lights in the corridor and the
in the stairs can operate independently of each other to avoid power-

■ Intelligent control system : Built-in wireless transmission technology. When
sensor detects that a creature is approaching, the LEDs in the same 
     area will
be activated at the same time. When the sensor does not detect
creatures, all lights will go out simultaneously.

■ Progressive lighting : From dark to bright for 2 seconds which achieves
smoother and flicker-free performance to avoid eye dizziness.

■ When the power is insufficient, the red low voltage warning light will flash
every 20 seconds to remind users to replace the batteries.


★ The 3 LEDs are 35~40 lumens and have the motion detection range of 120

  degrees, which can provide sufficient illumination and turn dark space into

  bright space.

★ The light stays on as long as motion is detected within the detection range

  about 1.5 meters. Light automatically turns off after 10 seconds when no

  motion is detected.

★ The LED6100 series wall light is ideal for your corridor, stair, bedroom and
     entrance or any indoor location that needs a light.

★ Japanese patent.

★  For other colors, please provide a color sample or Pantone number.


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